Mobility for the disabled

What to look for when purchasing a motorized chair at a wheelchair store

Motorized wheelchairs are a good solution to moving to places and meeting friends. They provide the user with an opportunity to move about independently and remove the need of having a companion. To ensure both the safety and comfort of the person you will be purchasing the chair for, you should consider certain aspects.

Health and condition of the user

Before buying a model at the wheelchair store, you should devote some time to finding out what type of model would be suitable for the person in question. Unlike manual ones which need muscle power in the arms to be propelled, electric versions are operated by use of a control, usually in the form of a joystick. A good way to find what type of control who the user use is to consult a medical specialist about their condition and request recommendations. Also, you should make sure that the person will have full control of the steering and proper vision and depth perception.


Considering the environment in which the device will be used is vital. For instance, if it will be used only indoors you should consider purchasing a mid-wheel small model. Also, you should take into account if the house and commercial area are able to accommodate it. This includes checking if thresholds, doorways, room and hallways have enough space to fit the model of your choice.


Learn as much as you can about what is covered in the device’s warranty, how often would you need to repair it, how to keep it in good condition as well what type of battery do you need. You should also inquire about delivery timing and what type of in-home training is offered or needed.

Purchasing a power wheelchair is a good way to help a disabled relative or friend be able to move about unaided. Knowing what to take into account when purchasing a model helps to ensure both safety and comfort of the user. To ensure the high quality and safe usage of the device you should buy only at a specialized wheelchair store such as AZ Lifts 4 Less - Mobility Scooters and Power Chairs in Mesa, AZ.

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