What Do You Need to Check If Your Wheelchair Fails to Work?

5 Common Wheelchair Repair Problems

Being a disabled person is stressful enough. But when something is wrong with your electric wheelchair and you cannot use it the way you have to, it is getting even worse. A standard wheelchair has so many parts and if any of them breaks down, or wears and tears, it must be either fixed or replaced. So, if you want to enjoy the full mobility of your motorized vehicle, you have to call a dependable and fast wheelchair repair service. What are the most common repairs?

  • Check your batteries from time to time. If you have faulty or expired batteries, your wheelchair will simply not operate. A good specialist will first look at your charge and detect if there are any problems with it. To test your battery charger, he will make sure that it is plugged into an electrical outlet and it receives power. If its light is not on, perhaps you should consider buying a new one. If the light is on but it still fails to receive power, a professional technician will be able to fix it in no time.

  • Additional safety features. So, if your batteries work just fine, then a good specialist will check other features, like the throttler lever. It must not be pressed when you turn it on. Another possible reason for your motorized wheelchair not to work is throttle pot failure.

  • Potentiometer issues. If your wheelchair is working but you have problems with the speed or it sometimes stops, a technician will have to inspect your potentiometer. The speed pot is the main suspect. Sometimes, these issues may be caused by moisture and rust. The wires in your wheelchair must be tested.

  • Wheel locks. A reliable repairman will check if they are holding the tires tightly. Plus, he will check if any of the bolts got loose. They must be tightened but not over tightened.

  • Tire problems. Like all other vehicles, wheelchairs also experience flat tires occasionally. A wheelchair specialist will replace them. He won’t miss checking their pressure.

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